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1329 Lakeside Drive, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia ... call 240.731.1349

"The perfect place for film production." 
- Rebecca Puck Stair, Location Manager for History Channel.  The reason?  Mountain Lake Club's many and varied sites and big, peaceful lake make filming scenes in, on and around the water a piece of cake!

MLC 'STARS' IN HISTORY CHANNEL DOCUDRAMA (if you, too, want to make a film here, give us a call.)


"The Men Who Built America" is an eight-part docudrama miniseries for the History Channel that chronicles the industrialization of America after the Civil War until about 1910. It follows in particular the lives of "robber barons" Vanderbilt & Rockefeller and includes the men who worked for them, and also describes the growth of a national identity after the nation was decimated by the Civil War. Steven David Incorporated is the New York-based production company that selected scenes from this period and re-enacted them, filming multiple scenes at Mountain Lake Club. First day on-site lasted nearly 24 hours!

The miniseries begins airing October 16, 2012 on the History Channel. Watch for scenes of Mountain Lake Club & Resort...