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Carter Schoo shows off this colorful catch. The yellow perch is not only good eating (however, MLC's Rule is catch & release), it qualified for West Virginia's Trophy Fish Citation!

The adorable 3-year-old granddaughter of a Lake Use Member caught 10 fish off Mountain Lake Club's closest pier in a single Summer afternoon this 2013 Season. She's proudly showing a very nice "pumpkin seed sunfish," holding it rather gingerly ~ but she baited her own hook with a live wriggling worm. By the way, neither her grandfather nor her father caught a single fish that day, perhaps proving that even skill and experience can be immaterial in the competitive world of sport fishing ... (See the Home Page for a 2-ft bass also caught in MLC's Lake!)


Lakeside homeowner Chuck Peer with a very sizeable largemouth bass he caught on his shoreline. Only MLC members can boat or fish the Lake. Owning property abutting the Lake does not give a property owner the right to access the Lake. MLC charges $250 for each unauthorized use of the Lake ...

Join Mountain Lake Club so that you, too, can fish this fabulous 55-acre sport-fishing lake. The annual Membership charge for 24/7/365 boating & fishing is barely more than $1 per day. Have you something better to do with your offspring, big and/or little ???